RPG Medals

through either Match play or Pub play and

The Guild Medal of Honor

Play a significant part in the completion of a difficult guild achievement. This achievement would normally be an assigned role in an achievement. For example, in order to get the 8th bank tab we may need a gnomish monk leveled to 80. Volunteers for this arduous task would be sought and the task assigned. Once completed that person would be eligible for this award. This could also be awarded to someone, or multiple members assigned to obtain exalted status for a particular faction for a guild.


The Achiever Medal

Complete 25 guild achievement events - SAA but for guild achievement runs.


The Gladiator Medal

Complete 25 guild PVP events - These are scheduled events that are signed up for on the calendar. Roll will be recorded and tracked. If the GM is not available for the event, roll should be taken and forwarded to the GM by the highest rank available. Assuming that events are scheduled weekly, it would take 25 weeks to accomplish this. Up to 3 events can be counted for this award each week. At least 3 guild members must attend the event for it to be counted.


The Raider Medal

Complete  guild raid events - SAA

ed while playing on OBC servers only. Platoon leaders would submit proof (i.e. screenshot) to the Commander in Chief and /or Generals. Upon review and approval the Platoon leader would present the award to his/her platoon member.